Each day’s talks are on demand for a 24-hour period beginning at 10:00 A.M. U.S. eastern.

Day 1 - Genetic & Quantum Medicine: Monday, July 11

  • Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD

    Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD

    Unleash Your Brain & DNA for Health & Well-Being

    What You'll Learn +

  • Dr. Sue Morter

    Dr. Sue Morter

    Bio-Energetic and Quantum Medicine

    What You'll Learn +

  • Charan Surdhar, BSc, MSc

    Charan Surdhar, BSc, MSc

    Express the Power in Your DNA

    What You'll Learn +

  • Larry Michel

    Larry Michel

    Your 4 Unique Genetic Energetic® Traits

    What You'll Learn +

Day 2 - Mind Medicine: Tuesday, July 12

  • Bill Harris

    Bill Harris

    New Brain Science Discoveries to Heal Your Life

    What You'll Learn +

  • John Demartini, DC

    John Demartini, DC

    How the Mind and Spirit Intersect to Create Healing

    What You'll Learn +

  • Sayer Ji

    Sayer Ji

    Evidence-Based Medicine Proves the Power of the Mind and Soul

    What You'll Learn +

  • Ross McKenzie

    Ross McKenzie

    Resolving the Root Cause of Mental Health Symptoms

    What You'll Learn +

Day 3 - Emotional Medicine: Wednesday, July 13

  • Richard Miller, PhD

    Richard Miller, PhD

    Neuroscience of Meditation and Healing Emotional Trauma

    What You'll Learn +

  • Bernie S. Siegel, MD

    Bernie S. Siegel, MD

    Medically-Proven Emotional Healing Techniques for Cancer

    What You'll Learn +

  • Jennifer Iserloh, HHC

    Jennifer Iserloh, HHC

    How to Heal an Addiction to Emotional Eating

    What You'll Learn +

  • Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP

    Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP

    6 Stages of Disease and Healing the Emotional Root Cause

    What You'll Learn +

Day 4 - Integrative Medicine: Thursday, July 14

  • John Douillard, DC, CAP

    John Douillard, DC, CAP

    Mind-Body-Spirit Gut Healing Protocols

    What You'll Learn +

  • Eric Grasser, MD, CAy

    Eric Grasser, MD, CAy

    What if Medicine Can't Figure Out What's Wrong with You?

    What You'll Learn +

  • Claudia Welch, DOM

    Claudia Welch, DOM

    The Art of Self-Healing

    What You'll Learn +

  • Deanna Minich, PhD

    Deanna Minich, PhD

    Redefining Detox: Detoxing for Your WHOLE Self

    What You'll Learn +

  • Kelly Turner, PhD

    Kelly Turner, PhD

    Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

    What You'll Learn +

Day 5 - Energy Medicine: Friday, July 15

  • Eric Pearl, DC

    Eric Pearl, DC

    How to Access Reconnective Healing Frequencies

    What You'll Learn +

  • Mingtong Gu

    Mingtong Gu

    The Healing Power of Chi

    What You'll Learn +

  • Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH

    Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH

    How to Heal through the Frequency of the Soul

    What You'll Learn +

  • Matt Kreinheder, DC, LAc

    Matt Kreinheder, DC, LAc

    Demystifying Energy Medicine

    What You'll Learn +

Day 6 - Lifestyle Medicine: Saturday, July 16

  • Pedram Shojai, OMD

    Pedram Shojai, OMD

    Reboot Your Health for More Energy and Peace

    What You'll Learn +

  • Niraj Naik, MPharm

    Niraj Naik, MPharm

    Healing Chronic Illness by Getting to the Root Cause

    What You'll Learn +

  • Bryan Dulaney

    Bryan Dulaney

    7 Peak Rituals for Abundant Health

    What You'll Learn +

  • Steve Sisgold

    Steve Sisgold

    Whole Body Intelligence: A Body-Centered Approach for Reducing Stress

    What You'll Learn +

  • Nadya Andreeva, MA

    Nadya Andreeva, MA

    Building Healthy Habits and Ending Self-Sabotage

    What You'll Learn +

Day 7 - Soul Medicine: Sunday, July 17

  • Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha

    Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha

    Soul over Matter: How You Can Revolutionize Your Healing

    What You'll Learn +

  • Ibrahim Jaffe, MD

    Ibrahim Jaffe, MD

    Ancient Spiritual Healing

    What You'll Learn +

  • Raphael Kellman, MD

    Raphael Kellman, MD

    Uncover the Missing Pieces of Medicine: Heart and Soul

    What You'll Learn +

  • Tom Yarema, MD

    Tom Yarema, MD

    The Enriched Journey of Medicine and Soulful Healing

    What You'll Learn +

  • Bryant McGill

    Bryant McGill

    To Heal the World We Must Heal Ourselves

    What You'll Learn +